Give me luxury and I will give up the necessary (O. Wilde)

About us

Our company was founded in Tuscany, due to the willingness of three Tuscans, who love their land.
We've decided to set forth with the precise intention to guide our client step by step in buying or renting an exclusive property or a luxury real estate. A delicate and important investment, that should be treated with the utmost professionalism, quality and high level of specific services. The most important aspect of our work, beyond the fact that we have a portfolio database of real estate to propose for sale and rent, is to concentrate upon placing our clients in the center of our attention, offering him/her every consultancy and necessary services in regards to real estate operations of any kind. This requires the utmost attention to understand the real necessities of those, who by purchasing real estate want to realize their dream. This precise and careful “specialization” allows us a possibility to satisfy the most particular requests, making the best and most exclusive offers.
Every client for us is the project to share, for this reason we've worked out an organization, whic...